Hi everyone, my name is Linh and I am currently a 4th-year student in the Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program. I have been working as a student assistant (SA) ever since my 3rd year of university and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences. The job has offered me numerous opportunities to develop important skills and make a positive impact on students’ lives. 

What Does the Job Require?

As an undergraduate student, you can start doing Student Assistant (SA) job after becoming a third-year student. My main job when becoming a SA is to mostly provide support to professors by taking attendance, leading discussions, and providing individualized assistance to students. Depending on the professor’s requirements, the duties may vary. For example, some of the professors allowed me to provide feedback on students’ works and projects. Some gave me the chance to lead a class discussion. But the most important thing for SA, in my opinion, is to be the bridge between the professors and students. In a lot of cases, students came to me to share their problems and difficulties with their classes and workloads as they were not comfortable sharing those directly with the professors. From then, I worked side by side with the students and helped them communicate their worries with the professors. 

Benefits of Working as a Student Assistant 

One of the key benefits of being a SA is the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the subject area covered by the course. Since SAs work closely with professors and have the opportunity to observe and assist with lectures, discussions, and other instructional activities. This provides SAs with an in-depth knowledge of the material, which can be particularly useful for those who are considering a career in academia. SAs also have the opportunity to conduct research and contribute to the development of new teaching materials and methods.

Another significant benefit of being a SA is the opportunity to build relationships with professors. I was able to observe and learn from their teaching styles and methods. This can be a valuable experience for those who are considering a career in academia, as they can gain insight into what it takes to be a successful professor. Additionally, working with professors can provide SAs with valuable references for future job applications.

However, the most rewarding thing I have to mention is the opportunity to meet new people. Working with students and professors from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines has widened my horizon in so many aspects. This is one thing I am truly grateful to the IUDP for allowing me to experience such amazing things as a SA.